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Azov cats have been breeding Siamese and Orientals since 2002. 

We have bred many Best in Show and Supreme Exhibit cats over the years and even won Reserve All Breeds Breeder of the Year in 2011. 

Our Siamese, Oriental & Balinese

We breed Siamese, Oriental (short and long hair), and Balinese in: 

  • Seal Point/Black
  • Blue Point/Blue
  • Chocolate Point/Chocolate
  • Lilac Point/Lilac
  • Cinnamon Point/Cinnamon
  • Fawn Point/Fawn
These colours can be solid, tabby and bi-colour. 

Our Cornish Rex

We breed Cornish Rex in: 

  • Blue
  • Lilac
These colours can be solid, or tortie. 
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We love our cinnamon point Siamese we got from Azov he is the most delightful cat

Dwayne Hollis-Cowley

Azov Seduction, Azov Brandy Alexander, Azov Bellagio, Azov One Last Dance

Back in 2012, I wanted to start including Cinnamon in my breeding program and I adopted my very first cinnamon oriental, Azov Seduction (Alkira) from Cathy. Since then I have adopted Azov Brandy Alexander (Brandy), Azov Bellagio (Pindari) and Azov One Last Dance (Aprodite) to continue expanding on my breeding program. All the cats I

Melanie Bennett

Wonderful animals from a wonderful

Rowan Holmes