About Me

I can still remember my first encounter with a Siamese, I was 7 and we were collecting our first pedigree dog. He left such an impression I knew one day I would be owned by a Siamese.

At that time, I always thought I would own a Seal Point. That was until I met my first Blue Point at a Cat Care course I did in 1982. I now wanted a Blue Point but still had a black moggie who did not like other cats.

Finally, on New Year’s Day of 1995, I got my first Siamese, a Blue Point Siamese from John Palmer, one of the last litters he ever bred. Kendall was not a show cat, he was my constant companion, not a morning cat (like me), loved to stay in bed until about 10 or 12 and then expected food. When I lost him to a heart condition in mid-December 2001 I felt like a piece of me had died too.

I needed another Siamese to ease the pain of his loss. I rang Bambi from Bajimbi Cats and she had a little Tabby Point boy that would be ready just after Christmas… it was the longest 2 weeks of my life!!!

about me - cathy

I asked if this little guy was good enough to be shown as I thought this could be a bit of fun. At this point, I had been breeding and showing dogs since 1980 and needed a change.

Azov Cats was born!

I went to my first cat show in January 2002 and eventually started breeding cats. Now I will never be without a Siamese or Oriental again.

I love showing the cats and have bred many Best in Show and Supreme Exhibit cats, this has culminated in one of my greatest achievements in my showing career…. 2011 reserve AllBreeds Breeder of the Year.

I look forward to being able to introduce you to the joys of being owned by a Siamese, Oriental or Cornish Rex cat.