Wonderful animals from a wonderful lady!

Rowan H

Back in 2012, I wanted to start including Cinnamon in my breeding program and I adopted my very first cinnamon oriental, Azov Seduction (Alkira) from Cathy. Since then I have adopted Azov Brandy Alexander (Brandy), Azov Bellagio (Pindari) and Azov One Last Dance (Aprodite) to continue expanding on my breeding program. All the cats I have had have the most amazing temperaments, and today, Azov Bellagio is my highest titled cat currently holding the title: ANCATS Nat CH & ANCATS SIL DB GD CH & ACF Bronze AoE & Gold Champion (hons). Furthermore, I strongly believe I have made a lifetime friend as Cathy and I have caught up numerous times when I have been visiting Sydney from Melbourne and vice versa. Thank you so much Cathy for all your support and guidance over the past 10 years - I still cannot believe Alkira turns 10 in only a couple of months (Oct 2022)!!

Melanie Bennett Rislani Cats