Below you can view all the testimonials we have received over the years.

As breeders there is nothing we love more than hearing from our baby’s new humans and how well they are settling in… and even getting updates long after the babies have left. 

Many of our previous adopters have added us as friends on Facebook and keep in touch sending us updates.

If you have a Azov baby and would like to provide us with your feedback you can add it here also: 

Wonderful animals from a wonderful lady!

Rowan Holmes

We love our cinnamon point Siamese we got from Azov he is the most delightful cat ever

Dwayne Hollis-Cowley

Azov Seduction, Azov Brandy Alexander, Azov Bellagio, Azov One Last Dance

Back in 2012, I wanted to start including Cinnamon in my breeding program and I adopted my very first cinnamon oriental, Azov Seduction (Alkira) from Cathy.

Since then I have adopted Azov Brandy Alexander (Brandy), Azov Bellagio (Pindari) and Azov One Last Dance (Aprodite) to continue expanding on my breeding program.

All the cats I have had have the most amazing temperaments, and today, Azov Bellagio is my highest titled cat currently holding the title: ANCATS Nat CH & ANCATS SIL DB GD CH & ACF Bronze AoE & Gold Champion (hons).

Furthermore, I strongly believe I have made a lifetime friend as Cathy and I have caught up numerous times when I have been visiting Sydney from Melbourne and vice versa.

Thank you so much Cathy for all your support and guidance over the past 10 years – I still cannot believe Alkira turns 10 in only a couple of months (Oct 2022)!!

Melanie Bennett